Material Memory and NASA High Tech Plastics for Rotor Blades

Some new materials, types of plastics seem to be stronger than steel by quite a bit. Since they are made of polymer plastic blends it will be possible to add in some material memory manufacturing in the process. This would allow the rotor blades made out of this new plastic material to change shape. These materials are said to be ten times the strength of steel and three times lighter than aluminum. Such performance in materials has significant uses in aerospace

I propose manufacturing these poly plastic blades for smaller UAV craft. Designing them so they could maintain a fat leading edge when taking off and hovering but become ultra thin and streamline for higher speed flight. Also the camber of the blade would be curved on take off and flatter during higher speeds. By using this technique we could increase the take off weight and allow the UAV VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) Helicopter to move quickly into position and then hover for much longer periods of time without using up all its fuel in route, thus allowing it an increased range for use in Natural Disasters, wartime, search and rescue, surveillance or commercial applications.

Material memory manufacturing with new high-tech NASA plastics will significantly increase performance characteristics and flight agility in future aerospace designs and we should definitely be thinking here and make use of these new materials to serve our needs.

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