Static Electricity to Flap UAV Material Memory Wings

How can we keep aircraft and UAVs aloft longer and conserve fuel? How can we have a small MAV or UAV remain airborne for hours on end? Perhaps we should design a unit, which flies like a bird but uses the energy, which is all around us to do so. Electromagnetic Energy is everywhere. Can we design a light-weight vehicle which floats about and flaps every so often to remain airborne? Well as technology gets better with polymer muscles and built in material memory; where the substance is manufactured to keep its original shape like the toy; Stretch Armstrong.

Increasing TAS in Modern Day Fighters with Expandable Wing Tips

As fighter aircraft get faster and faster there is a diminishing return on more aerodynamic streamlining in designs. You can only build the aircraft so Aerodynamically Correct once you have the best optimum design for speed, there is little you can do without changing the aircraft in-flight or the air itself. Of course both of those possibilities have been and are being looked at. Let's think on the many types of fighter aircraft, which change their configurations in-flight. You have the F-8 Crusader which changed its angle of attack in-flight so it could land at slower speeds, while achieving very high speeds in flight. The F-111 and the F-14 Tomcat both have wings which sweep back in flight as the airspeed increases. Many newer fighter designs have thrust vectoring nozzles to help them with maneuverability and quick turns, well that is as long as the pilot can take the additional G's without passing out or imploding. The new JSF, B-1 Bomber and other fighters like the F-117 can store their munitions inside the aircraft so they are not hanging out there causing incessant parasite drag or adding to the extremely low radar signatures needed to maintain a stealth configuration. Many fighters will have additional drop tanks for extra fuel, which once used up are dropped. Once dropped the aircraft can then have additional maneuverability and shed the extra drag hanging below. Designers and engineers, even pilots have often thought of ways to redesign the fastest and best performing aircraft in the modern era.

Common Cockpit Concepts and Convenient Configurations

One of the big pushes in aviation and military is to have common cockpit designs, which are ergonomically correct. The Common Cockpit Initiative (CCI) would mean all aircraft have basically the same cockpit; all the instruments would be in the same place, the seats in the same place, in fact nearly everything would be the same. This would make virtual Reality training easy in simulators and allow for maximum efficiency and save lives, as the human component would never be confused and thus fewer mistakes would be made in unfamiliar cockpits under extreme stress during incidents, under fire or during equipment failure. It would allow maximum use of the human unit as everyone could do every job. Taken to extreme this would mean your automobile or a commercial truck would be similar to a war fighting tank, jet airliner, private boat, fighter jet, helicopter and school bus. Engineers laugh often at this saying; oh sure and the commode will also be designed like that; once you take a dump you simply move the joy stick down which signals the toilet to release the human waste and flush? Then another engineer laughs and says; Yah or it could be a leveler identical to the bombs away switch in a fighter-bomber carrying the latest smart munitions? Yes, I was listening as this conversation went on for a few minutes in the lobby bar of a hotel in Dayton, OH during an aviation and space conference.

Getting Cheap Airfares

Airlines offer tickets at a fraction of the cost you buy tickets. These offers are given to wholesalers and agencies that bring good business to them. If you can trace out these wholesalers and agencies, you may get cheap airfares from them. These are seasonal and vary from time to time. You cannot expect the same price all the time. It could be cheaper or slightly higher than what you bought the previous time. Moreover, prices vary with the destination for which you are buying the tickets.

Find Cheap Tickets From all the Major Airlines

All of the major airlines are now associated with different web sites allowing for you to find discount airfare and cheap tickets on the internet. One of the reasons the airlines have done this is because so many people now have access to computers and the internet.
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